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Managed Voice

Your call center suite, we have it covered!

The power of controlling your contact center is now within your hands with ePLDT’s premier call center solutions.

We are proud partners with two of the best contact center platforms in the market: COSMOCOM and AVAYA.

With Cosmocom’s flagship suite, “Cosmocall,” and Avaya’s “Aura Contact Center” solution, ePLDT enables organizations across industries to choose between a hosted PABX-less call center platform or an on-premise IP-based telephony.

Distinctly Reliable. Extremely Scalable.Key Features:• Multi Channel ACD with Universal Queueing
• IVR and Outbound Dialing
• Real-Time Recording and Monitoring
• Browser-based Agent Interface
• On-Demand and Per License Basis model

Build Inter-connectivity. Boost Productivity.Key Features:• Performance Management
• Skills-based call routing
• Quality Monitoring
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector
• WorkForce Optimization Integration


Ever wonder how you can supervise and monitor your growing size of workforce in the future? Well, to complement and streamline your contact center operations, we have our Workforce Management Solutions suited for you.


Optimize Processes for Operational Excellence

  • Quality Monitoring
  • Recording and Coaching
  • Speech and Text Analytics
  • Performance Scorecards
Comprehensive Workforce Solution

  • Performance and Quality Management
  • Speech and Desktop Analytics
  • Back Office Optimization

Starting small with limited resources available, upgrading and downsizing manpower in a snap, and sustaining zero-downtime operations will surely be the last things on your bucket list.

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