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Online threats are evolving-so should your cyber defense

ePLDT puts together its robust cyber security infrastructure, expertise and strategies to ensure your business' resiliency in the event of a cyber breach-or when you thought there's none.

While enterprises try to reinforce their networks and IT infrastructure, many are under constant attack from increasingly sophisticated criminals leading to data breaches, denial of service and risk to reputation and revenue.

With the need to balance security requirements with IT budgets and the scarcity of cyber security talent and expertise, organizations need a trusted partner with the skills, technology, and processes to identify and implement the right defenses to lead enterprises towards business resiliency.

Cyber Security Services

Security Risk Assessment
Establish appropriate security policies

We assess your IT assets based on its inherent risks to help you create appropriate security policies and techniques

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Information Security Management System audit

Reverse Engineering
Track the source of vulnerability

We analyze your program or software to find the source of an attack, recover your files, determine exfiltrated data, and develop effective detection techniques

  • Ransomware investigation
  • Malware analysis

Digital Forensics
Improve your defense for future attacks

We identify and analyze the codes and methods used in a security compromise to improve your cyber security posture

  • Computer forensics
  • Mobile forensics

Incident Response
Coordinate response to cyber incidents

We assist enterprises that are potentially affected by cyber threats, analyze potential impact across critical infrastructure, and investigate those responsible

  • Reactive - triggered by a security event or attack
  • Proactive - consultative service to prepare for future attacks
  • IR Management - augment areas within the organization that handle incident responses
Managed Security

A single solution to multi-level protection
Gain visibility of security events and granular user control with our Multi-Threat Secure

Detect and prevent zero-day attacks
Integrate advanced protection against zero-day or targeted attacks on top of a multi-threat defense with our Advanced Threat Secure

Focus on your growth while we manage your IT
We take care of the maintenance, management, policy configuration and reporting of your on-premise or hosted dedicated security hardware

Ensure your website's seamless operation
Mitigate DDoS attacks in the cloud before they reach your network with our DDoS Mitigation service

Optimize threat security for endpoints
Protect your business from known and unknown threats through antivirus, advanced threat security and disk encryption through our Endpoint Secure service

Protect data transfer
Enable an encrypted session every time a user visits an SSL secured website with our SSL Certificates

We use world-class tools to secure your IT

We are backed by industry-leading certifications

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