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Server Hosting

In easy, monthly terms

Considering colocation? What if you need new servers to keep up with today’s increasing compute demands?

At ePLDT, we offer server hosting – and other network equipment as well – in easy, monthly terms. Whether you need a reliable service level agreement (SLA), security, and facility redundancy, look no further than our VITRO Data Center. Should you need support, our team of experienced IT professionals is here to help.

Monthly Fees

We lease brand-new equipment on monthly recurring costs, so customers don’t have to worry about shelling-out large amounts of money. Invest your money in something else: growing your business.

Expert Support

VITRO’s team of IT professionals have numerous certifications and years of experience behind them. With VITRO’s in-house professional services, you can leave the gritty work to us and focus on your business goals. Choose between contract-long or on-demand support, depending on your SLA requirements.

World Class Data Center

Our IT equipment is housed in VITRO Data Center, the country’s first purposely built data center. With top-of-the-line facilities, 24×7 operations, and robust, scalable solutions, you can sleep tight knowing that your servers won’t stop working. Because we don’t.

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