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Managed Security

In the Internet Age, data is a commodity. We help you protect it.

Managed Security

A suite of security services that cover the devices, systems, processes, and expertise needed to protect IT infrastructure from most security risks, evolving threats, and malicious software attacks.

The services are managed by our certified IT Security experts who take care of the customization, maintenance, and upgrades.

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Managed Security Offering


Protects VITRO data center clients by securing the port connection with a shared firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

  • Management and updating of firewall policies
  • Report and logs available by request
  • Fully managed, maintained, upgraded by security specialists

A single solution for multi-level protection against evolving threats while providing visibility into security events and granular user control.

  • Create policies based on users, groups, or machines
  • Management and updating of firewall policies
  • On-demand dashboard for viewing policies and security incidents
  • Fully managed, maintained, upgraded by security specialists

ePLDT takes care of the management, maintenance, policy configuration, and reports of your on-premise or hosted dedicated security hardware.

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Phone and e-mail support
  • Response time SLA
  • Number of hours support including onsite
  • Vulnerability assessment (VA)


Avoid data loss, downtime, information theft, and reputational risk
Provides visibility into security events
Always updated to cover the latest threats
Simpler than do-it-yourself firewall policy maintenance and hardware upgrades
Potential savings for hosted Managed Security vs. DIY security purchase
Take advantage of ePLDT security expertise and best practices by certified security specialists

A report on a customer’s existing network set-up showing the risky applications, malware infected computers, exploited vulnerabilities, data loss events, and bandwidth analysis

SSL Certificates

Protects data transfer for websites by enabling an encrypted session every time a user visits an SSL secured website

Security Report

A global study found that 83% of organizations had existing bot infections, and 81% suffered a data loss incident. Read our partner’s 2015 report to learn more about security threats and trends.

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