Take advantage of global-standard cloud that works with you

600,000+ cloud management expertise. We have it here.

Enjoy global-standard cloud solution that works with you. With ePLDT Cloud, you can grow at your own pace with a robust cloud infrastructure and a partner that supports your growth.

In the Age of Experience, organizations are expected to transform the way their customers work and play. This is made possible with hardworking platforms that generate meaningful innovations-CLOUD. With this solution in place, more companies are unlocking new values that they have never seen before.

The more traditional way of storing data is fast running out of steam in today’s maturing business environment, making cloud adoption imperative to any company’s digital transformation. This is where ePLDT’s full suite of Cloud Solutions come in: its cloud services solve the real-life problems of IT deployment such as capex outlay, long time-to-market, and rigid system configurations.

No one cloud fits all.

ePLDT believes that for your business to move at its own pace, you should wear the right shoe size. Let us help you integrate the best cloud platform that’s specifically tailored for you.


Keep pace with the digital economy with a hardworking cloud platform.



Be a step ahead of natural and operational disasters and protect your most critical data or applications using our secure cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure

A consistent hybrid cloud, Azure allows users to develop and deploy round-the-clock with end-to-end tools for digital transformation.

Microsoft Office 365

Complement your team’s productivity with hardworking office tools.

Cloud Migration

Exchange traditional storage practices and applications with an end-to-end cloud solution. We can help you move your data to the cloud with optimum security in mind.

Cloud Systems Operations

Outsource your daily cloud functions like infrastructure performance monitoring, operation of the cloud environment up to operating system level, network, back-up and storage configuration, and 24/7 general maintenance and troubleshooting.

Cloud Transformation Consulting

Gain expert consultation from our cloud professionals to ensure your readiness strategy, cloud assessment and prioritization, and transformation planning, execution and governance.


The next big thing. Make it yours.

The Experience Age is packed with mind-bending opportunities for you to enjoy. Let us help you start your digital transformation journey now.