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Growing network of data centers spread across the country

ePLDTs VITRO Data Centers are present in Pasig, Paranaque, Taguig, Cebu, Subic, Davao, Makati, and Clark, Pampanga.

ePLDT has a growing network of VITRO Data Centers strategically spread across the country to address customer needs in terms of security, data accessibility and disaster resiliency.

Backed by its strong data center presence in the country since 2000, ePLDT has gained a reputation for owning the country’s first purposely built Data Center, and maintains the only two TIA-942 Rated 3 facilities in the country. It serves as the global gateway of major companies in the BPO industry, local and internal telcos, and major Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

VITRO is also part of NTT Communications’ network of global data centers, under the Nexcenter brand. It satisfies rigorous in-house standards checklist consisting of over 300 items. This ensures every data center provides the same high- quality services, as it employs consistent operational procedures for their data centers around the world.

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Our Service Offerings

Maintaining your own data center is costly and will expose your crucial data to risks. With ePLDT, you can save up by outsourcing your IT requirements to its robust VITRO Data Center facilities, which offer 100% uptime and availability.

ePLDT offers a suite of data center solutions that cater to customers’ growing IT outsourcing requirements. Since network is as essential as data center reliability, all VITRO Data Center facilities are designed to be carrier-neutral—allowing other telcos both foreign and local to provide network connections based on customer preference.


Instantly gain scalability, resiliency and global compliance at a fraction of the cost and time. Scaling up or down, IT infrastructure now comes as easy as ordering additional provisions as opposed to the traditional build-out of client premise data data centers.

Managed Server Hosting

Reduce the risk of IT infrastructure obsolescence through Managed Server Hosting. The VITRO service gives you access to the latest technologies available in the market without the need for a high capital investment. With options of entry level hardware bundled with software and licenses, to high performance servers to meet the most demanding IT applications.

Back-up and Restore Solutions

A cost-effective and reliable way to outsource storage management of mission-critical data—from basic tape vaulting to real time storage replication

Disaster Recovery Seats

VITRO offers an office space that will allow you to operate and continue your business, no matter what. And with VITRO’s diverse locations, you have a number of sites to choose from to nominate as your Disaster Recovery site.

Web DNS Hosting

Keep your website up and running with a reliable Web and Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting. With our help, you can focus on your business while we maintain your online presence.

Tape Vaulting

We maintain an ambient temperature and humidity that promotes and prolongs the life of your back-up media to ensure that your stored data will not get corrupted.

Connectivity Services


Basic access going to the world wide web peered with multiple international telco partners, strategically picked to enhance global content and improve latency. This service is coupled with a Multi-Threat Secure (MTS) service that provides enhanced cyber threat protection to your collocated servers.

Local Peering

VITRO Internet Exchange or VIX is a platform that limits internet traffic within the country, which eliminates the need for international hops when the content accessed is hosted locally. VITRO has two variants of this local peering platform:

  • Direct Content Peering, which is purely access to the broadband users/subscribers of PLDT
  • Multi-Carrier Peering, which is an aggregate of other local Telcos and local Internet Service Providers.

Cross Connections

Physical connection going from one location within the data center to another. Clients have the option to use copper pairs or UTP, and fiber cores.

IT Professional Services

Attrition is a common problem nowadays. Eliminate employee trainings and lost time on learning curve through VITRO’s Managed IT Professional Services. Our team is constantly updated on the current technologies that support basic to skilled requirements.

Leave the hardware & software investments to us; we’ll leave the cost savings to you.

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